Bosch Dishwasher Error Codes and Solutions (Troubleshooting)

There are many Bosch appliances and appliance types and sometimes these appliances could get faulty. We are here to help with that. On this page you will find a list of Bosch Error Codes for Dishwasher (Dish Wash Machine) and related error codes with solutions, which can help you  solve the problem with your  Bosch Appliance.

E:00 No error – – – – – h:00 – h:24 No error Appliance does not start Delay timer is activated! No appliance fault! All LED´s are on Interface error Appliance without function Appliance must be disconnected from the power supply after flash process (main switch on/off is not adequate!) LEDs flashing Stops in current position, Appliance without function Communication error between the electronics Disconnect appliance from the power supply (unplug and plug in again) Check D-bus plug-and-socket connections (3/4-pole wire) for electrical connection faults Run Flash process again Replace module

E:01 Internal fault power module End of program Connection to pumps interrupted Check wire / connectors (At pumps and power module) Voltage drops because of bad main connecting Check connection of the main connecting at appliance back side and socket-outlet Power module defect (internal pump control) Start Test program Just if E:01 occurs again, power module has to replaced!

E:02 Operates without heating Ground fault at water heater Heater relay defective Replace heatpump/heater Replace the power module

E:03 Reserved – – – E:04 Operates without heater Ground fault at water heater Safety relay heater defective Replace heatpump/heater Replace the power module

E:05 Water switch is running continuously program termination with draining Triac for water switch motor defective Replace the power module

E:06 Door Hall sensor fault Stops in current position, appliance without function Wire to the Hall sensor interrupted or power module defective Check wire / plugs Measure voltage on the Hall sensor Hall sensor defective If voltage on the Hall sensor is o.k., replace Hall sensor

E:08 Heating fault Operates without heater Heat pump detects too low water level in the sump. Bowls / pans overturned in the appliance?

E:09 Heating circuit interrupted (resistance, supply wires, contacts of the safety relay on power module) Measure heater resistance Check wires

E:11 Operates without heater NTC resistance values outside permitted range Measure NTCs Wire or plug interrupted Check wires / plugs

E:12 Reserved – – – E:13 Operates without heater Water temperature too high (>83 °C) Protective measure – no appliance fault! Check temperature of water supply

E:14 Program stops with draining No impulses from flow sensor, although water is detected by heat pump Check wires, test flow sensor (reed switch) End Display CS Program Display Customer Description Appliance behavior Results of internal check Measures Document No. Sheet-No. Material No. Rev of A 9001095105 3 3 58300000190150 ASP EN A Engineering Revision A The reproduction, transmission or use of this document or its contents is not permitted without express written authority. Offenders will be liable for damages. All rights including rights created by patent grant or registration of a utility model or design are reserved. Copyright reserved. Display LED Display LED LED off LED on flashes fast flashes slow End Filling fault

E:15 Program stops with intermittent pumping Safety switch in base activated. Appliance cannot be switched off – Identify reasons for water in the base and rectify – if there is no water in base, check wires / plugs (e.g. bent plug contact)

E:17 Program stops with draining Water supply rate too high Check flow controller in the fill valve

E:18 Wait for supply; program stops with draining Water supply rate too low or no water supply Check water supply

E:19 Dispenser fault End of program Dispenser defective Check component Wires interrupted/broken Check wires

E:20 Circulation pump fault End of program Resistance values of Circulating pump wrong Check wires / plugs Measure resistance values of windings

E:21 End of program Circulating pump blocked Check Circulating pump for foreign objects, if required replace

E:22 Drain pump fault End of program Residual water in the sump, because of dirty filters Clean filters

E:23 End of program Resistance values of drain pump wrong Check wires / plugs Measure resistance values of windings

E:24 End of program Non-return valve letting by Check non-return valve, ensure correct closing Draining not possible Check water drainage (hose kinked, blocked, delivery height, pump cover) Drain pump cover in sump is missing / loose Attach drain pump cover

E:25 End of program Drain pump blocked Check drain pump for foreign objects Drain pump cover in sump is missing / loose Attach drain pump cover

E:26 Water switch fault Permanent activation of water switch No impulses from water switch despite actuation Check wires Measure mains voltage on the motor Test switch at water switch

E:27 Undervoltage fault End of program Continuous low mains voltage (140 V) No appliance fault!

E:28 AquaSensor fault Operates without AquaSensor Appliance without AquaSensor Is appliance equipped with AquaSensor? Calibration of AquaSensor not successful Check wires AquaSensor dirty?

E:29 Under / over voltage error Stops in current position, appliance without function, Malfunctions, unsatisfactory rinsing / drying result Cycle duration increase Low mains voltage (140 V) No appliance fault!

E:30 Appliance switches off Overvoltage (>140 V) No appliance fault!

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