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It is a hot and sunny day and your air conditioner has decided to stop working. Contact Toronto Appliances Service Ltd. and one of our qualified technicians will have your air conditioner up and running again.

I had one of those days when your stove stops working day before your guests are coming. Thanks God for Toronto Appliance Service who came the same day, fixed it in no time – you saved my day and in-laws are happy.
Anna (from Toronto)
Few months later after the warranty expired my built in stove just stopped working. I checked the fuses everything was ok except for the stove. I called one company they couldn’t fix it and suggested replacement. I called TAS Canada and they found what was wrong, replaced the part and my stove is back to normal.
Thank you guys for figuring out the problem and fixing my stove. Great service, great knowledgeable staff and certainly great price. Keep up the great work.
Marko Ivanovic (Mississauga)
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