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Wine Coolers have become quite popular lately. It is becoming a standard appliance for most modern kitchens. They are much more affordable and don’t consume as much electricity as they used to. There is nothing worse than coming home from a long day at work and looking forward to a glass of wine but you find that your unit has stopped working. Here are some typical problems with wine coolers:

  • not cooling enough

  • cooling too much regardless of temperature setting

  • front light is blinking on and off

  • leaking water

  • makes unusual noise

  • fan is not working

Everyone has invested in home appliances and we rely on them every single day. If your appliance has stopped working, TAS is here to help. We offer same day service and repair by one of our qualified technicians. Count on TAS to have your appliance working again as soon as possible.


I have a KitchenAid Wine Cooler that for no apparent reason just stopped cooling. I tried to figure it out myself as I am quite handy, but the error code it was giving – I didn’t know what it means. I called TAS and they have helped me determine the problem, I ordered one part, replaced it and my wine cooler is working again just like new – Thank you TAS.
Ryan B.
Very happy with TAS Canada while servicing my wine rack cooler. I had to call about 5 companies just to find someone who repairs these devices. TAS was here early next morning, fixed the problem in no time. Awesome.
Mike Rene (Etobicoke)