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John Inglis and Company is a Canadian firm which made weapons for the United Kingdom and British Commonwealth military forces during the World War II era, then became a major appliance company.

The company traces its roots to John Inglis of Dundas, Ontario. On 27 July 1859 he, Francis Evatt and Thomas Mair formed Mair, Inglis and Evatt, a machine shop in Guelph, Ontario, producing machinery for grist and flour mills. In 1864 they added a steam engine to power the machines. Some time after 1864 Daniel Hunter replaced Thomas Mair and the name of the business was changed to Inglis and Hunter.

In September 1881, Inglis purchased a large triangular plot of land near downtown Toronto, west of Strachan Avenue. He moved the company there, renaming it John Inglis and Sons after five of his sons that worked in various departments. John Inglis died in 1898 and the business was taken over by one of his sons, William. In 1903, William led the company into the manufacture of marine steam engines and waterworks pumping engines, and he discontinued production of its previous milling product line. The company produced the engines for the Canada Steamship Lines Hamonic and Huronic, which served until 1950.

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