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La Cornue is a French oven and cooking range manufacturer, founded in 1908 by Albert Dupuy, a Parisian herbalist and perfumer. It currently produces three ranges of oven, Château, CornuFé and CornuChef ovens.

Dupuy founded La Cornue in order to create ovens that used a new type of natural gas being used in Paris. By taking advantage of the circulation of hot air within the oven, he was able to create a much more effective oven than the others at the time. This first oven was called Rôtisseuse-Pâtissiere La Cornue (La Cornue Roast and Pastry cook).

In the 1950s, Albert Dupuy was succeeded by André Dupuy and the company was modernised. The 5 Etoiles (5 Star) range was also introduced at this time. The company was further modernised following the takeover of Xavier Dupuy in 1985, despite remaining a small business of around 60 staff.Daring is as essential to a business like ours as salt is to cooking. With the new La Cornue W. by Wilmotte line we have made a spectacular splash in the design world. The range is a clear demonstration that technological innovation and top-flight design can be at the cutting-edge of culinary expertise. The glass plate on the La Cornue W. by Wilmotte induction table boasts elegance previously unseen in the kitchen, and also represents unique technological prowess.

The desire for excellence will always drive connoisseurs and enthusiasts forward. The quality of our work is the cornerstone of our excellent reputation. And success is on the cards: we now have a presence in forty countries through an international network of over seventy galleries.

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Toronto Appliances Service Ltd. (TAS) is authorized La Cornue’s service provider for all La Cornue home appliances. Which means that we repair La Cornue’s appliances often, we know them well and you will be happy with  our work. If you  are looking to repair La Cornue appliance you are at the right place. Contact Toronto Appliances Service Ltd. repair company to learn what options you have when it comes to fix La Cornue appliance.