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Quick & easy online service request

Please fill out this form as accurately as possible. When we receive your submission our staff will review your request and respond promptly. This is the best way to request a service because this form submission is monitored by several staff members.


TIP: Please note that providing us with more information will speed up the process of properly servicing your appliance. Providing the model and  serial number your appliance will help determine the issue and address it accordingly. Also, please include any error codes that show up on the display,  that will also help.

Sample of some common error codes that you might see for different appliances:
– C-81, C-82 Over temperature Type 2 Not enough ventilation
E:02 Operates without heating Ground fault at water heater
E:14 Program stops with draining No impulses from flow sensor
E:22 Drain pump fault End of program Residual water in the sump
Er22 Touch key fault, Electrical link between two touch keys
Er25 Defective electronics connection
E4 ELIN – ASIC communication fault
F4 TouchControl disconnected due to overheating
F-40 Power control board failure Type 1 or Type 2
Failure – Type 1 Failure type 1 comes from the power control board.
U4 Cooking sensor temperature fault (cooking sensor NTC)
U240, U400 Overvoltage

There are hundreds of error codes and messages for different appliance, so they do help when troubleshooting the problem.