Elica Appliances

Elica is a world leader in the design and manufacture of kitchen hoods for domestic use, Elica is movement and stability, skill and curiosity, revolution and solidity.Since its early days in the ’70s, the company has cultivated principles that have distinguished it as a highly qualified partner in the sector.Energy, consistency, and sophistication have always been the engine that drives Elica toward change and the search for “Fresh Air”, guiding it toward unexplored horizons brimming with possibility.

Elica sees infinite possibilities in change; its spirit thrives on involvement, energy, curiosity, and a drive to consistently outdo itself.Passionate, innovative, and authentic thinking has always been the essence of our company.

To give exceptional value to customers and professionals, in the field of ventilation, filtering and air purification in the home.” F. Casoli Fresh Air is a value that Elica attributes to the present and future. It is open to ideas, to challenges, to people; it is imagination and building a better tomorrow.By developing products that vent, filter, and purify the air, Elica remains true to its forward-looking vision of design and execution, in the service of a crucial asset worthy of preservation.Air is precious and it belongs to us all: this awareness guides Elica – a company long active in helping to spread eco-design culture and a new sensibility – in all its work toward products with evocative aesthetics melded to their function, with a pioneering and distinctive character in its technological solutions, intuitive achievements for both installation and use, and competitive value on the market.

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Toronto Appliances Service Ltd. (TAS ) is authorized for Elica service provider for all Elica home appliances. Which means that we repair these appliances often, we know them well and you will be happy with  our work. If you  are looking to repair Elica appliance then you are at the right place. Contact Toronto Appliance Service repair company to learn what options you have when it comes to fixing your Elica appliance. We  offer free phone consultation.