Greenway Appliances

Greenway is poised at the intersection of these two words. Our products clearly fill a need – the lack of energy infrastructure in rural communities. But they also appeal to consumers’ desires & aspirations – they are a convenient and modern alternative to traditional cookstoves.

A for-profit product design & distribution company founded in early 2011, Greenway Grameen Infra aims to be the choice in home energy appliances for rural consumers. A lack of access to modern fuels forces rural consumers to rely on burning solid biomass (mostly wood & cow dung) in traditional mud cook-stoves that emit dangerous & uncomfortable smoke. Our products provide a fuel efficient, smoke-reducing, affordable alternative.

Greenway’s strategy is human-centric. We design our products based on input from the most important people we interact with – our consumers. We distribute our products to the places rural consumers already know & trust – small, local retail shops.

Our manufacturing, design, and distribution operations are all based in India and the majority of our employees work within consumer communities. Although design for basic consumer needs might be possible from afar, we think this is the only way to design for and understand consumer desires.

Toronto Appliances Service Ltd.  is proud to be authorized Service Provider  for  Greenway  company.

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Toronto Appliances Service Ltd. (TAS) is authorized Greenway’s service provider for all Greenway home appliances. Which means that we repair Greenway’s appliances often, we know them well and you will be happy with  our work. If you  are looking to repair Greenway appliance you are at the right place. Contact Toronto Appliance Service repair company to learn what options you have when it comes to fix Greenway appliance.